Unleash those abs!! It’s summer!!

 It’s summer and you still have those beer belly? The Problem? you can’t even take your shirt off at the beach,and if you do so, well, good luck. Many men want’s there big belly to be gone for good and have those hot, sexy abs unleashed.

If you want to say bye bye to those big belly of yours and say hi to 6 packs, then continue reading.

If you can spend hours at the bar, why don’t you try spending 30-45 minutes burning those fat. if your getting bored of exercising, just think that you need it, as if your life depends on it, well, it really does, why? because it reduces the risk of having high blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduces your chance of having a heart disease.

Well let’s get on with our topic, having those 6 packs of yours pop up!

Eat!! more often. Study found that eating more often tricks your brain to eat less than eating 3-4x a day with a feast on your table. This enables you to go on a diet without starving to death. Add ons, eat vegetables and foods rich in protein like egg and tofu/tokwa. it’s actually not how much you eat but it’s what you eat that matters most.

Drink!!This is the part most men wants, drinking, yeah! go get some booze and stop reading. What I mean by drinking is drink a lot of water. There’s a scientific basis on this one I just forgot. Well just believe me and do it!!

Skip those bonus workout!!. working out too often actually doesn’t help. your muscles need a time to rest. Just work out 3-4x a week resting a day between session.Exercise! of course you need this one. The best exercise? push up and squats. this might be the only exercise you’ll need to unleash those abs. What make this exercise better? you can do this for free, you don’t need a gym and pay a membership
– Push up: do at least 50 push ups a day 3x a week. It hits your chest, shoulder, back and abs!. and monthly fee. All you need is a floor and you have it at home.
– Squats: do 2-3 sets of 5-20 repetitions of this 5x a week for the first 2 weeks. and 3 x a week for the following weeks. This is the very best! fat burning exercise available. And what makes it better? it hits all major muscles in your body of course.
If you notice, the key to success? DISIPLINE! good luck on looking better.