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I’ve been a fan of various magazines like FHM, Men’s Health, entrepreneur, and a lot more. I also read Manila Bulletin, but only there sunday issue, there’s a lot to read there. I always search the web for the things that I want to learn. It was sharing ideas to people that I like, When I’m on the gym I couldn’t stand to just watch those newbies do the wrong thing, I always teach them and give them some advice. I also like reading books. My favorite author? Ron Fry, and Josiah Go. they right about

marketing and interview techniques. Try to read there books, and you’ll learn a lot of things in a not so complicated way, unlike people nowadays, they do almost all things technically.

Travel? I’ve been through many places, but only here in the Philippines. Luzon? Visayas? Mindanao?. I was born and grew up here in Manila, But I rarely travel Luzon. Maybe because of my mom being a Zamboangena and my dad is a Zamboangano makes me travel a lot in Mindanao. I’ve also been In Cebu, But only in the City proper.

jobs? actually, I’m only new in this field, I mean in looking for jobs. But actually, I’m currently employed, this is my 3rd company, but if you think having that experience makes you a pro, think again… there’s a lot to learn in the process of job hunting.

getting prepared, looking for outfit, how to answer on an interview, and of course how to get that interview. There’s a lot more, I’ll just make a blog on that one to help newbies, including me on the process of job hunting, I’ll research on this one.

General Information?I’ve read a lot of books and magazines, and I learned a lot from them of course, I like to learn new things, I research on things that I’m really interested, of course all of us do. Body building, make those belly gone for good… and unleash those abs, the art of eating healthy, what to eat and whats not. Sex? some secrets that I learned from reading magazines, the art of sex… haha! and let’s just find a lot more.

This is my first serious blogging,I still don’t know how to use wordpress, so goodluck to me.

Well That’s all for now. It’s almost 4 and I still have to get ready  for work.

From the author.


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